Tiugainn do Scalpaigh (Poems of Scalpay, Harris)

This book compiles songs/poems written by John Morrison of Scalpay, Isle of Harris.

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ISBN: 1872598331

Price: £7.00


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Chi Mi 'n Tir (Harris Songs)

This book compiles a selection of Gaelic songs from Harris.

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ISBN: 1 872598 26 9

Price: £5.00


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Lewis Families and How to Trace Them - Part 3, Point

This book, the third of a series on different parishes in Lewis, is suitable for those with a specific interest in genealogy, and also those with a more general interest in the history of these interesting and beautiful islands off the Atlantic coast of Scotland. Read the rest of this entry »

Price: £7.50


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Croft History Isle of Harris Vol 5

This book covers the Island of Taransay and the villages of Luskentyre, Seilibost, Horgabost and the Borves. Illustrated with photographs of people and places and maps. Read the rest of this entry »

Price: £25.00


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Lewis in the Passing

Positioned at the uppermost tip of Britain and facing the battling winds of the Atlantic, the Isle of Lewis has always had a strong identity of its own. A community defined by tradition for hundreds of years, the twentieth century presented huge challenges to its way of life, leaving it completely altered by the arrival of the millennium. Lewis in the Passing is a form of time-capsule, containing twenty-one autobiographical sketches of Lewis natives, all born before the Second World War. From crofter to musician, house-wife to clergyman, the selection spans the spectrum of Lewis society. Theirs are lives which have experienced these great changes, from economic disaster in the 1920s, to mass emigration in the 1930s, the ‘obscenity of battle’ during the Second World War, and afterwards the decline of the Gaelic language and the slow demise of crofting. All are interviewed by fellow islander Calum Ferguson, who presents his subjects’ stories and journeys, and understands how, in spite of the rainy climate and wind-blasted scenery, the island’s hidden magnetism continues to draw them all ‘back home’.

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ISBN: 9781841585475 Imprint: Birlinn

Author: Calum Ferguson

Price: £14.99


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Scots Gaelic

The purpose of this book is to provide a brief introduction to the Gaelic language with a selective discussion of its main features.

In contrast to native speakers, who absorb the language as children, adults who are learning Gaelic from scratch often derive much benefit from knowing why the language takes shape as it does.

This easy to follow guide keeps things as simple as possible to accommodate readers who may be taking a first look at the language, but those whose knowledge of Gaelic is a little more advanced also find the book useful.

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ISBN-13: 9781902831886

Price: £9.99


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Ceol na Cloinne CD Ginealach Ur (a new generation)

Traditional songs and music from the talented youngsters of Sir E Scott school in Tarbert, Isle of Harris, with their teacher, Iain MacIver. The group have their roots steeped in the traditional culture of their homeland.

Accordion, fiddle, small pipes, guitar, clarsach, piano and vocals

Price: £10.00


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Wild Lewis - A' Mhointeach Mhor by Frank Stark

A wonderful photographic safari of the largest island in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland - just a sample of the stunning combination of wildlife that can be viewed at few other locations on the planet. This north-western corner of Europe, perched on the edge of the ocean, is a unique mix of geography and biodiversity that has inspired naturalists and poets for centuries. The bilingual text gives an added richness to this visually stunning collection.

ISBN-13: 978-0861525072


Price: £25.00


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Scotland's Future History

Scotland’s history is changing. What picture of the Scottish past should we pass on to future generations?

Stuart McHardy takes a revolutionary approach to interpreting the past. He shows that future generations will understand Scottish history in a fundamentally different light thanks to recent and future developments in archaeology, folklore and oral history.

ISBN 978-1-910021-41-5

Price: £7.99


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The St Kilda Tapes CD/DVD


The St Kilda Tapes is a moving musical and visual journey on the theme of home. Using contemporary and archive film alongside the thoughts and memories of St Kildan Norman John Gillies, the gaelic song of Maeve MacKinnon, and the music of David Allison.

Price: £19.99


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