New Exhibition June 2014

Cas-cheum nan Eilthireach – In the Foot-steps of the Exiles

Ann am Beurla agus ann an Gaidhlig.

an illustrated bi-lingual exhibition by Bill Lawson – Open now.

Permanent Exhibitions

  • The People and the Landscape of the Hebrides Pre-History to the Present
  • Natural History on DVD and Video

Na h-Eilthirich – The Emigrants

by Bill Lawson

A 3 year project to digitise information on emigrants finished in December 2009. Over 20,000 emigrants from the Western isles of Scotland were identified. A major illustrated exhibition on Hebridean Emigration is now showing in Seallam!.

Na Hiortaich – The People of St Kilda

by Bill Lawson

Bill Lawson is the author of two books on St Kilda. His research on the families of Hiort, carried out in the 1970s, is the subject of one of the books. This exhibition is illustrated with photographs taken by Bill Lawson over 30 years of visits to St Kilda. There are also pictures taken by Chris Lawson in 2006. Archive material from The Bill Lawson Collection was used to create the exhibition.


The Flying Monk – Photography by John Maher

An alternative view of the outer Hebrides


Dudley Williams Photography

Stunning images of Harris