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Glory in the glen by Tom Lennie

A history and evaluation of Evangelical Revivals in Scotland 1880-1940.

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The Outer Hebrides Landscapes in Stone Alan McKirdy

In this book Alan McKirdy explores these islands, together with the volcanic rocks that make up the outposts of Rockhall, St Kilda and the Shiants, tracting their extraordinary journey through time and across the globe.

Price: £6.99


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A History of Borve Lodge by Tony Scherr

Tony Scherr was estate factor at Borve Lodge from 1966 to 2000. A fascinating account of the Lodge, once owned by Lord Leverhulme.

Price: £10.00


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Scalpaigh – Isle of Harris Volume 7

This volume details the croft histories of the island of Scalpaigh as well as the adjacent island of Sceotasaigh. Also includes history of Scalpaigh and pictures taken during the 1960’s. 163 Pages.

Price: £25.00


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