TimelinesDùn Chàrlabhaigh

7000bc Mesolithic settlement

100ad Iron Age (duns etc)

600 Christian missionaries

900 Viking raids

1264 Treaty of Perth

1500 Collapse of Lordship of the Isles

1600s MacLeods lose Lewis to MacKenzies

1770s Rise of kelp-trade

1770 Major emigrations to USA and PEI

1815 End of kelp-boom

1820s Emigration to Cape Breton

1840s Potato Blight

1840s Emigration to Quebec from Lewis

1844 Lewis sold to Matheson

1858 South Uist and Barra sold to Gordon-Cathcart

1856 North Uist sold to Campbell Orde

1850s Emigration to Australia from North Uist and Harris

1850s Emigration to Ontario from Uists and Lewis

1863 Emigration to Ontario from Harris

1880s Emigration to Canadian Prairies

1918 Lewis and Harris sold to Lord Leverhulme

1923/24 Emigrations on Metagama, Marloch & Canada

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