Emigration to Eastern Townships of Quebec

The earliest move from Lewis to the Eastern Townships of Quebec appears to have been a settlement in Bury in 1838, spreading into Lingwick in 1841. A major group arrived in 1851, settling mainly in Lingwick also, but when free government land became available in Winslow and Whitton, many of the settlers moved there. Settlers continued to arrive throughout the 1850’s, with another major group arriving in 1863. Settlement was now progressing to Hampden and Marston Townships, and it was here that many of the later emigrants settled. Even as late as the 1880s, families were still arriving, mainly from Lewis, but with a few families also from Harris, but by 1890 the main stream of emigration had stopped, and only a few families arrived thereafter, usually to join relatives already in Quebec.

It is fascinating to find so many Lewis placenames in the Eastern Townships, named by the settlers after their Island homes – Galson, Tolsta, Stornoway, Baile Bharabhais, Baile Shiadair, Gisla, Dell, Balallan, Bosta, Druim a’ Bhaic and Ness Hill. But in many cases, only the names remain to testify to the origins of the settlers.

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