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Leaving the Nets Trusting Him – The Memoirs of Dr John Watt Robertson

An account of a life at sea and as a family doctor in the Isle of Harris. Proceeds from the book go to Crossroads Care Attendant Scheme in Harris.

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A Register of Emigrant Families from the Western Isles of Scotland to the Prairie Provinces of Canada

Includes information on emigrants to Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba including the Killarney, Saltcoats, Wapella and Clandonald settlements from Lewis, Harris the Uists, Benbecula and Barra. Read the rest of this entry »

Price: £15.00


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Lewis Families and How to Trace Them – Part 3, Point

This book, the third of a series on different parishes in Lewis, is suitable for those with a specific interest in genealogy, and also those with a more general interest in the history of these interesting and beautiful islands off the Atlantic coast of Scotland. Read the rest of this entry »

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Croft History Isle of Harris Vol 5

This book covers the Island of Taransay and the villages of Luskentyre, Seilibost, Horgabost and the Borves. Illustrated with photographs of people and places and maps. Read the rest of this entry »

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These Islands We Sing

An Anthology of Scottish Islands Poetry edited by Kevin MacNeil

Poems exploring themes of love, language, landscape, identity and belonging.

A celebration of poetry and place.

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Published by Polygon 2011 ISBN 978 1 84697 211 9

Price: £9.99


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When Kafka met Einstein


A new collection of poems including Poems from the Hebrides by James Knox Whittet.

A quietly amazing collection of poetry – Pauline Stainer.

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ISBN 978-0-9565725-2-3 Published by Iron Press 2012

Price: £8.00


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Lewis in History and Legend – The East Coast

The Isle of Lewis, the largest and most populous of the islands of the Outer Hebrides, has had an eventful history which stretches back thousands of years. In this eagerly awaited second volume of Lewis in History and Legend, Bill Lawson deals with the townships of the east coast of the island, from Tolsta in the north to the boundary with Harris in the south, and with Stornoway, the commercial and administrative capital of the island.

In his own inimitable style, he traces the story of the island from earliest times to the present day, describing the landscape and the physical remains of the past. More importantly, however, he excels in charting the history of the people themselves, weaving his way through the centuries with stories drawn from documented sources, oral tradition, Gaelic song and from his own experiences of many years travelling around the island and researching the history of its families.

The result is a unique insight in to the way of life and history of an island.

Bill Lawson founded the genealogy centre Co Leis Thus? and is genealogical consultant to Northton Heritage Trust, which now runs this research service. He has written sixty books on the genealogies and history of the western Isles. He regularly researches and lectures in North America and Australia. He lives in Northton, Harris.

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ISBN: 9781841583693 Imprint: Birlinn

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Excavations at Northton, Isle of Harris

BAR British Series 408   2006

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Presents the site of Northton in the Western Isles of Scotland. During excavations in 1965 and 1966, two early horizons were identified beneath and close to the base of the machair sands.

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Island of Wings

On the ten-hour sailing west from the Hebrides to the islands of St Kilda, everything lies ahead for Lizzie and Neil MacKenzie. Neil is to become the minister to the small community of islanders and Lizzie, his new wife, is pregnant with their first child. Neil’s journey is evangelical: a testing and strengthening of his own faith against the old pagan ways of the St Kildans, but it is also a passage to atonement. For Lizzie – bright, beautiful and devoted – this is an adventure, a voyage into the unknown. She is sure only of her loyalty and love for her husband, but everything that happens from now on will challenge all her certainties. As the two adjust to life on an exposed archipelago on the edge of civilization, where the natives live in squalor and subsist on a diet of seabirds, and babies perish mysteriously in their first week, their marriage – and their sanity – is threatened. Is Lizzie a willful temptress drawing him away from his faith? Is Neil’s zealous Christianity unhinging into madness? And who, or what, is haunting the moors and cliff-tops? Exquisitely written and profoundly moving, Island of Wings is more than just an account of a marriage in peril – it is also a richly imagined novel about two people struggling to keep their love, and their family, alive in a place of terrible hardship and tumultuous beauty.

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ISBN: 9780857382320

Author: Karin Altenberg

Price: £12.99


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Ancient Uists

This colourful guide presents the story of life in the Uists from the appearance of the first stone age hunter-gatherers up to 10,000 years ago, to the crofters of the last century. It offers a vivid account of the development of the islands, suggesting some of the most rewarding places to visit and providing clear descriptions of each site.

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Price: £7.95


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