Lochs and Stornoway Records go online August 2014


Update on Hebridespeople.com

The immediate news is that we have now added Lochs Parish to the main data-base, so that it now includes Lochs and Stornoway parishes – the whole eastern side of Lewis - as well as Harris, bringing the total number of entries to sixty-three thousand!  We were now working on the Parish of Uig, which, with a bit of luck and a lot of embrocation for my typing fingers, should be ready by the end of the autumn.

I am frequently asked  how clients can get the most results from the databases , and perhaps the best explanation is to give an example. We had an enquiry recently from a client in Connecticut whose ancestor was George, a son of William and Rachel MacLeod, who had come from the Isle of Lewis in the mid-eighteen hundreds.

Most emigration from Lewis at the period was to the Eastern Townships of Quebec, near the border with the USA, from 1838 to 1863, and to Bruce County, Ontario, near Lake Huron, in the 1850s.  (more...)

Seallam! Update May 2014

Seallam! News 2014

As the new tourist season gets under way, we have had a good start with Easter being extended over four weeks because of staggered school holidays. Overseas visitors just do not stop all year and already we have had people from North America, Hong Kong, Australia, France, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Israel, Sweden, to mention but a few. (more...)

McAfee Site Advisor - update

News just in from McAfee - "We have reviewed the rating of hebridespeople.com, and based on our review, it has been adjusted to Green." (more...)

McAfee Site Advisor

A number of people have reported to us that McAfee's free "Site Advisor" software is giving a Yellow (Warning) Rating to this site.

Recent Site Changes - Jan / Feb 2013

There have been a number of fixes and updates to the site over the last month or so. We thought it was worth letting you know that we're working hard to keep the site maintained and running smoothly, and to encourage you to send us any issues or feature requests via our Contact Us page.


Harris Families Revealed

And now we have the second stage!

In July 2012 Northton Heritage Trust launched the first stage of our database of island families on www.hebridespeople.com - a database of all the emigrant families we have been able to trace from the Outer Hebrides. This has been very popular with family tracers, especially from overseas. (more...)

MLitt Highlands and Islands Culture Module


HebridesPeople Official Launch July 20th 2012

Emigrant Database Live

Well - it's here at last! The new Emigrant Database is live, and searchable at www.hebridespeople.com

Because of the unique problems and sources involved in Hebridean genealogy research, we at Co Leis Thu? decided many years ago that there was no point in trying to trace any one John MacDonald or Donald MacLeod - what we had to do was to trace everyone in the Hebrides. At the moment, our Hebridean database contains over a quarter of a million people - and is still growing every day. We are working at putting this on line on a parish by parish basis, and the first one - Harris of course - should be coming on line later this year.



Betty Powell - Waipu Museum, New Zealand- A Tribute



Vol 21 No 4

February 2012 

Greetings folks 

 We start this newsletter with a dedication to Betty Powell who passed away on the 20th December 2011. Betty was everything to everyone..............a heart of gold, a marvellous memory, fantastic hearing, not very good with paper, but she knew where to find anything she wanted at any given time, whether it was tucked away in her memory, or somewhere in the middle of her bundles of paper. Whatever – she gave many hours of her time to finding andconnecting Nova Scotian descendants with their ancestors, tracking down land titles etc. She contributed much to our genealogy database.